Impression of Othello's character within Act 1

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What impression of the character Othello is given in the first act of the play? Within the first act of the play, we meet the main protagonists of the play. Each scene within the first act enables the characters personalities come through to the audience so that we can build our opinion of the characters from the beginning of the play. Within the first act, one of the main characters that we meet is Othello, the Moor. We are led to form an opinion of Othello and we feel a small amount of sympathy towards him by the way he is treated by the other characters. In Act 1 scene 1 of the play, we first know of Othello from Iago’s complaints to his friend Roderigo. Iago is complaining to Roderigo about missing out on a job at the hands of The Moor. Othello has given the job that Iago wanted to Michael Cassio. “I follow him to serve my turn upon him.” (Iago, Act 1 Scene 1). This quote shows how we learn that Othello is already disliked by one main character within the play. At the end of the scene, we learn that Othello has secretly married Desdemona. In Act 1 scene 2, after we learn that Othello has secretly married Desdemona – Brabantio’s daughter, we see a side Othello that we don’t expect to see so early on in the play. He is quite sneaky about his marriage to Desdemona and then when he is searched for, and confronted by the Brabantio and then the Duke, Othello shows how big-headed and egotistic he is. “Not I; I must be found. My parts, my title, and my perfect soul shall manifest me rightly. Is it they?” This quote shows how Othello is egotistical thinks that because he has served in wars and because he is a Moor that he will get away with going behind Brabantio’s back and marrying his daughter. As act one continues, in scene 3, we see the softer side to Othello. He gives a speech proclaiming that his love for Desdemona is true and that he did not

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