Impression of Sia Essay

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Impression on Sia Sia has an achieved status of a Samoan novelist, poet, and painter. She seemed casually outgoing and very informal. She was introduced to one of the faculty, Mr. De La Cruz. Instead of shaking his hand when Mr. De la Cruz extended his hand, she passed his personal space and she gave him a hug. She also bowed to him as a gesture of appreciation for the work and commitment that he does for the Pacific Islanders. I noticed the inked artwork on her arms while she was seated on the table talking to other students. She later discussed the cover of her book was supposed to be the traditional Samoan tattoo on the bottom half of her body that she showed to her audience. I could see why her European publisher mistakenly use the beautiful tattoo that wrapped around her arms that is more like a work of art than the tattoo on her legs. This is another illustration of do not judge the book by its cover. I admire her because she had determination to make a difference in her culture and to break away from the stereotype of the Samoans. She read her book like a ten-year-old girl twirling her hair as she read. I was convinced that the girl, the main character, was Sia. She showed the many conflicts, contradictions, and struggles that she experienced growing up being female in her family and her acquired status in the society. She compared her hardship of poverty from her neighbor by not having any presents to open on birthdays and Christmas just like the presents that her neighbor receives from their relatives that sends those presents from another country. She expressed her rebellion through her books and paintings that is taboo in her culture. She let the world know about the issue that was not talked about for the Samoans such as suicides, rapes, and many more. She was the voice of many women and children and hoping to make a change

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