Impossible-I'M Possible Essay

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“Narrative Essay” /”Impossible: I’m Possible” Decisions are very important in this life exclusively when it’s going to influence a person in the future. High school is one of the big steps for every student, and it’s as important as college; even though is not that critical it relates in a way. My high school years print me with negative moments, because I started having changes in my attitude. As a student I’ve had many experiences, but the ones that I went thru in high school made me mature and appreciate school. Most of the people learn something new every day. Either is good or bad it always brings us consequences. During high school I was very immature as every teenager thinking I was right at every action I used to make. I didn’t know that my bad decisions were going to led me to bad situations. I wanted to do what everybody else was doing not knowing that I was going to be disturbed down the line. Ditching was my outlet to tests or when I didn’t want to assist to class. School was an adventure for me not a responsibility, and my undeveloped attitude would grow its ego that didn’t let me see my negativity. My disobedient mood would make me feel stronger and I didn’t want people telling me what to do. I was barely a freshman, but I used to think that I was old enough to make my own decisions; so when people would tell me I was doing wrong I would get mad and avoid their presence. I didn’t really get credits my freshmen year for all the absences I had and the tests that I didn’t take. The sequences of my actions were somehow going to disturb me in the future. Sophomore year was very important we were going to be prepared for three big district tests, and they were very important; because we needed to pass them in order to graduate. We were able to re-take the test four other times, but the first one was the main one. The second semester of my junior
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