Impossible Love Essay

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1. Romeo and Juliet (shakespear) a. Love quelled by circumstance i. Their fueding families ii. Juliet’s betrothal iii. Romeo’s banishment iv. The mistake of Juliet’s supposed death b. These circumstances, instead of surpressing their love, make it seem stonger. The more fate tries to tear them apart, the more they desperately hold on to each other. Their simultaneous death in the end, is not a tragic defeat, but the climax of their love. They went so far as to give up everything: their family, their friends, their efforts, and finally their lives, in order to be together forever. It’s perfect because they ended on such a high note. They will never be more in love than in the moment they sacrifice themselves to be with the other, now - in death - they will always be in that consummation of love. 2. Wuthering Heights (classic) a. Love quelled by themselves i. Catherine marries Edgar to better her social standing ii. Heathcliff marries Isabella Linton iii. Catherine Dies iv. Heathcliff’s harsh behavior. b. The love of the two protagonists – Catherine and Heathcliff – is the center of the novel Wuthering Heights. Although the lovers are never together absolutely, their love is most consuming and long-lasting relationship in the novel and most of the novel’s conflict surrounds it. From childhood, Heathcliff was brought into the house as an adopted son, hated by his “siblings” and preferred by their father. This could be seen as the beginning of the opposition of the love between them. Catherine’s detest for Heathcliff quickly turns into love, and they are inseparable. One day as Catherine and Heathcliff are playing on the moors, Catherine is bit by a dog forced to stay at the neighboring estate, Thrushcross Grange. Mr. Linton, the owner and father of Isabella and Edgar, uses her recovery time to make her into a young lady respectable by his social group –
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