Imposing Taxes on Extra Large Soda Drinks Essay

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Imposing Taxes on Extra Large Soda Drinks Many issues confront our country today, such as taxation, health, nutrition, obesity, and the economy. One way to address some of these problems is to levy taxes on certain products. One of the most logical products to be taxed is extra large sugar filled carbonated beverages, and the government should place extra taxes on these products. These taxes are exceptionally beneficial in three different ways, they provide money for the government, they would discourage unhealthy habits, and the taxes will not cripple the soda industries because they can provide alternatives. First of all, it is known our government isn’t the wealthiest of the premier democracies in the world. Our government is in debt, and we’re running on a deficit budget. As of September 5th, 2012, America’s debt is greater then sixteen trillion. Placing taxes on large soda drinks or drinks high in sugar will aid in reducing this debt by supplying extra revenue for the government. Secondly, our population has an outrageous number of obese and people who are overweight and have nutritionally incomplete diets. In fact that number is about 33 percent of our population, or about 78 million, and is growing day by day. According to statistics, by 2030 that number will grow to 45 percent. The high sugar carbonated beverages have no nutritional value, but are high in caloric content. For instance, a 12oz Coca-Cola drink has 140 calories, compared to a 12oz glass of water, which has zero calories. In addition, water clinches the thirst with out adding the empty calories. Additionally, placing a tax on a product like this will not hinder the growth of our current economy. It will not jeopardize the success of the beverage industry because soft drink producers also can market diet sodas, which do not contain high sugar and caloric content. Granted, the amount

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