Importantance Of Communication In Nursing

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Importance of Communication in nursing

Aim of this assignment is to look into the importance of communication in nursing. The essay will comprise the definition, types and models of communication. It will also include the reflective model that will be used in the summative integrated assignment.

Communication can either facilitate the development of a therapeutic relationship or cerate barriers[ Stuart and Laraia,2005].Health professionals became more aware of the critical role communication plays in health care in the late 20th century. But many of the problems faced by health care today is caused by failure to communicate properly. Stories related to medical errors, patient confidentiality etc can be seen in the papers everyday. The common theme running through these headline-grabbing issues is communication. [Thomas
2006]. So many measures are taken to improve communication skills of health care professionals like nurses. In case of nurses The NMC, the nursing and midwifery council gives great emphasis to communication especially written communication

Definition of communication.
Communication refers to the process of human beings responding to the symbolic behaviour of other people. Communication is a process, an ongoing process. It is not a series of incidents pasted together, instead it is more like a motion picture in which the meaning comes from unfolding of an inter related series of events. It is also symbolic . Symbols are used to represent things, processes, ideas or events in ways that make communication possible.(Adler and Rodman 2003, pp. 2-3 ) Importance of communication. Communication is so important that it is necessary for physical health. Evidence suggests that absence of satisfying communication can endanger life itself. People who lack strong relationships have two or three times the risk of an early death. Through

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