How Important was the Zenger Affair in New York History?

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How important was the Zenger Affair in the history of New York? In 1773, an apprentice, by the name of John Peter Zenger printed articles in the New York Weekly Journal that berated Governor William Cosby for abusing his authority, establishing illegal courts and extorting money, among other things. Zenger was arrested and put on trial for seditious libel. Under the law, the jury had to take into consideration whether Zenger had published the statements made against Governor Cosby, not if they actual constituted libel. Despite this, Zenger’s defense found every opportunity to present that truth should be a justifiable defense in a libel case. The defense also argued that free speech was fundamental to a good, successful government. John Peter Zenger was found not guilty of the charges. There is much controversy regarding the importance of the Zenger Affair’s impact on the history of New York. Some say that it was nothing more than an inconclusive political confrontation. It did not change the law of seditious libel or the English definition of freedom of the press. They also say that it did not directly enhance the development of political liberty or of free press in America. Others argue that the Zenger Affair was an extremely important case in the history of New York. They say that even though it didn’t change the actual law of seditious libel, it was an important step in establishing the principle of freedom of the press and it represented the legitimacy of opposition to the government. It was a critical event in history which contributed to revolutionizing America. I would like to actual take a stance and argue one of these points of view. There is a lot of history to review about this case. Given the information I have read regarding the Zenger Affair, I would have to agree that it had an enormous impact on New York’s history. It seems to me that
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