Important visual elements in Jimmy Corrigan

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Jimmy Corrigan is a graphic novel from Chris Ware that talks about a lonely, sad and pathetic man who just got a letter and an airplane ticket from his father on a Thanksgiving week, asking him to meet him for the first time. His lonesome life leads him to long for adventure and action, so he finds it in everyday objects which he manipulates with his imagination. The story goes back and forth in time to demonstrate the different Corrigan generations, and how they affect Jimmy’s emotional state in the present time after he was abandoned by his father. Throughout the story, Chris Ware emphasizes everyday objects by sometimes dedicating a whole panel to just one object. These objects may seem to slow the story down but they work as catalysts. Objects take Jimmy’s boring and mundane life and convert it into a surreal or exaggerated world which compensates for the passion that he lacks in it. Generally, these objects are generators and connect the reader with Jimmy’s perspective. The passage where Jimmy Corrigan first appears is near the beginning of the book around the third page. The panel perspective starts to zoom out from the focus of the Sears Tower building. It gradually starts taking the reader into a different focus: an old-fashioned red telephone. After it rings there is a borderless panel that shows Jimmy Corrigan as a kid escaping from the flames of a fire. Chris Ware wants the readers to focus their attention on both of these panels and work with them as a single element. The red telephone used in the story may be a reference to the Moscow-Washington hotline, which was a system that allowed communication between the leaders of the United States with the leaders of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Generally, a red phone has come to mean delicate and important matters dealt between the two nations. The other panel
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