Important Thigns About Three Legends Essay

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PERSONALITY 2130 READINGS Sources and Acknowledgements The segments of the lectures by Freud and Jung, and of the essays by Pavlov, are abridged from the “Classics in the History of Psychology” website maintained by Dr. Chris Green, at York University. The description of the circumstances surrounding Freud's visit to America is adapted from a commentary about Freud by Dr. Raymond Fancher (also at York University) on the same website. You can visit the following link to find the full text of these and other lectures, essays, articles, books, and commentaries: Most of the other readings are adapted from materials developed for public use by George Boeree: . The section on Pythagoras is adapted from Durant, W. (1939). The life of Greece. New York: Simon and Schuster. The section on Needs and Motives is adapted from various Personality Psychology texts. This collection of readings is an evolving work in progress. If you find errors, please email me to let me know. Thanks, and enjoy! Organization and Overview The readings are designed to complement the lecture material, not provide comprehensive coverage. Indeed, only about half of the quiz questions will come from the readings. Lecture attendance is recommended so that you can get the big picture of how the readings fit together and are related to course themes and cutting edge research. You will notice that the readings are also not evenly balanced across weeks. The first two weeks have far more reading than the rest of the course. This is because the readings from the first two weeks are foundational and relevant to the rest of the course. Accordingly, the readings from the first two weeks will be fair game for test questions throughout the course. If any of the readings are particularly interesting to you, feel free to do additional reading on the

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