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Darek Huff Period 6 8-18-12 AP World History Chapter 1 Mesopotamia Region- It’s a region that is still in hunting and gathering and not agriculture. It is in the Middle East and it is always river-based society. King of Mesopotamia- Some of the king’s responsibilities are to make laws for the kingdom protect the kingdom and to conquer other kingdoms. The king’s duties are to make all the people in the region to fallow the laws and if they break the laws to enforce the punishment that he had made for the crime. Egypt’s people and their beliefs- The Egyptians worshiped the Nile because they that’s what made them able to live that was there water for the day and the soil by the Nile river is the only place that they could grow their crops. The geography made their beliefs because the Nile was consistent it flooded at the same time every time but other places the soil was red and they feared it because it was so dry and so unknown. Process and reason for mummification- The process for mummification is that when the person dies they have a doctor remove his vital organs and then they let the body dehydrate once that is done they rape the body because they think that it will help them pass on into the gods. It differed from the classes of people because the more important that person was they nicer the tomb and the materials that goes in it. Indus people- They way that can understand it is that it is similar to other languages. The way that they wrote was by drawing not writing so what they drew represented what they saw and wrote. Civilization- Places were people have the same beliefs and that a form of government has been reached. They also have to have some type of science, culture, and industry. Culture- Culture is were that people all agreeing on what is considered nice and not nice. Such as what is fine arts, manners etc. History-
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