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F.Y. 6/10/6008 Important Person in My Life The simple word “family” can conjure up many meanings, images and emotions. They could be warm and pleasant, at the same time they can be sad and dismal. But for most, the word “family” is one of the greatest words in the world, it brings a lot of unforgettable and joyful memories about their childhood and past, enormous number of happy and funny moments, and of course it brings the picture of your family members, whom you truly love, who really mean a lot for you and who are the most influential and important people in your life. Your family members simply cared about you when you were sick even if it meant staying up all the night just to make sure your fever stayed down. There were also times when they let you make your own choices and allowed you to suffer the consequences it brings if you made a bad decision. Sometimes they pushed you in certain directions and had high expectations for you. Your family is not only people that you biologically related to and those who will love you unconditionally, but they are your first friends, whom you can trust and always count on when you need them. Family members have the biggest influence on you, through their love, discipline, encouragement and living. One of the important persons in the life of anyone is father. He is the first person responsible for the well-being of the family members. For me, my father is an example of a successful person, who is in spite of any hardship and difficulties made his way out to a better life. I would say that my dad is strict, generous and honest person. He would never punish or blame me, unless I was guilty and responsible for doing something bad, he would be always there when I need him, he would be ready to instruct and guide me any time I will ask for it. Very often my dad talks about his

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