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“The Most Important Person In My Life” The most important person in my life is mom. My mom's name is Valentina Koleci. My mom is very altruistic and always has a smile on her face. My mom only asks for peace and quiet. She likes helping those less fortunate, who need all the help they can get. My mom was born in Albania. My mom speaks with an accent and she does not articulate words very well. It is a challenge for some people to comprehend what my mom is saying. My mom enjoys going to the park with my family. When my mom is mad she gets really enraged and yells a lot. My mom usually helps people asking for money on the street. When she encounters people on the street who have a cardboard sign with the words “out of work, need money, children to feed”, she always gives them money. Whenever she sees an old person, child, or women on the street, she will always be of assistance to them. She doesn't like it when people are angry or upset. She is always trying to cheer people up. At times she tries to hard to make you feel better and it starts to becomes a little aggravating. A little more often than not my mom helps out one person at a time, not a cluster of people at once. My mom babysits kids on Sundays from time to time. When her friends are going somewhere, and they don't have anyone home, and it wouldn't be a good idea to bring a lot of kids with them, she helps out. My mom is a Hair Stylist. If she feels like the person is financially to pay the bills and they are in debt, she will charge them less to try and help them out. My mom as always putting other people before herself. My mom criticizes sometimes when we don't do the labor around the house. She says she has been working all day and she doesn't think it is fair to have to clean up the whole house too. She has a good point. It makes me and my brother feel accountable when she says that because, we know

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