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Megan Comeau SOC 334 Online Discussion Board I Part 1 The invention that I believe had the most impact during the pre-electronic age would have to be the printing press. The printing press offered the world a very important technology that it had never seen before: the mass production of text. With this came the ability to spread information over a far distance within a short period of time and also led to increased rates of literacy throughout populations. Information was able to move through countries faster then ever before, which prompted a new era of scientific and artistic revival. While the printing press did allow for the spreading of important scientific discoveries it also allowed the spreading of biased or corrupt information. Many later inventions that have improved upon the speed of communicating information or have even increased the audience size of communications have all suffered similar ethical concerns. The television is a similar technology to the printing press in that it has made it possible to reach a wider and more diverse audience then ever before. By spreading different ideas and opinions, the television is able to bring “greater opportunity, growing equality, and a better understanding of the world” (Kenny, 2009, p. 11). It also allows for the spreading of important information that can lead to better living. A public broadcast in Ghana advertised the importance of hand washing and directly impacted its community, leading to higher reports of hand washing after defecating and before dinner (Kenny, 2009, p. 9). However the television also has areas of ethical concern. Biased reporting is a prominent problem for television throughout various regions of the world. Government officials from Brazil, Peru, and the United States have all been involved with bribes to popular television channels to ensure election coverage in their

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