Importance Of Social Conventions

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The importance of social conventions in a dialogue. We observe conventions in social interactions. It occurs during the process of communicating with one another. Social conventions are therefore a part of human speech. On the other hand, whether we realise it or not, we use social conventions in our daily life. A social convention helps us develop our language and our manners as well. This also builds a more proper and accurate usage of the English language. Thus in short, social convention creates man with communicating manners and helps build friendly bond among mankind. Social convention can be divided into two categories, the formal and the informal convention. Conventions can be from how you greet a person up to responding to a compliment. It’s all parts of speech that also fall into the social convention category. Social convention works both ways the talking party and the party that responds to it. In the context that I have chosen, I have chosen an interview and narrating dialogue. I have chosen a story and dialogue based on a few interviews with Barack Obama, one of the most popular and outstanding US senator at this time. The interview part of the scene 1 is formal. For instance, when the interviewer greeted the senator with “how you doing?” And the senator in return replied “I’m doing good.” Through this we can clearly see that greetings are very important in an interview. All interviews starts with greeting. Therefore, social conventions play its part in the speech. This ensures an interview to go smoothly. It will be impolite to just start an interview by questioning especially when the person we are about to interview is a well known figure. Greeting is a component of social conventions. Besides that, there were also social conventions such as in the second interview in which the interviewer asks politely “You would consider yourself to be
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