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Ian Richards Public Speaking 4/6/08 Importance of Sharks in the Ocean’s Ecosystem “A highly specialized hunter, with razor sharp teeth, immense power, and a body shaped like a torpedo to help in cut through water with ease, sharks have kept people out of the ocean for hundreds of year”(Martin). But because of fear and a false perception of sharks people have developed a hate for these impressive predators. With sharks currently being over fished for their fins it is important for people to know the truth about sharks. Over the next few minutes I will tell you some facts about sharks, the importance of sharks in the oceans ecosystem, and why people are taking action in order to save these fish from extinction. (2) First, I would like to tell you some facts about sharks. Sharks have been around for 400 million years, longer than the dinosaurs. There was even a shark called the Megalodon that was 40 to 50 feet in length and weighed about 48 tons. Sharks have changed very little since the time of the dinosaurs because of highly advance adaptations. (3)  Sharks smell is highly advanced and can pick up on its prey from hundreds of meters away  Shark eyesight is about the same as a humans  Shark have what is know as a lateral line system that uses thousands of jelly filled pores that pick up on vibrations of other fish and prey, this is so advanced that a shark can even tell if a fish is injured or sick.  Sharks constantly lose teeth which are quickly replaced by another.  Unlike fish sharks do not have scales but dermal denticals, which are literally thousands of tiny teeth that cover the shark. This sand paper like skin was used by the Norwegians as grip on sword handles and was also put on the bottom of boots to help sailors from slipping on wet boat decks.  According to National Geographic Shark Skin

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