Importance of Training and Development

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Abstract and summary: An attempt has been to conduct a research on an educational institute which has been existing for the last 5 years in UK. The importance of training for teaching faculty is studied and analysed. There have been many changes from UK Border Agency policies and in British Education. The student progress and evaluation procedures at this particular college have been critically commented. The researcher formulated research objectives on the basis of empirical evidence while being at that college as a student. The importance of sustainability is ultimately evident through these findings for private colleges like ACL, conducting their courses in higher and further education. Research findings and limitations are discussed at the end for carrying this research further. Table of Contents Abstract and summary: 2 1.1 Introduction and general background of the research topic 5 1.2 Introduction of the Company (Academic College of London) 5 1.3 Current environment and its impact on Private Colleges in UK: 6 1.4 Research questions 7 1.5 Research Aim and Objectives 7 1.6 Research Objectives: 7 1.7 Importance of the topic: 7 1.8 Structure of the dissertation 8 2.0 Introduction: 10 2.1 Training definition and its effectiveness: 11 2.2 Human Resources and their development through training: 12 2. 3 Importance of training in Education Sector: 14 3.0 Research introduction 20 3.2 Research Design: 22 3.2.1 Research Philosophies: 22 3.2.2 Research approach 22 3.2.3 Research strategies: 23 3.2.4 Data collection methods 23 3.2.5 Secondary data collection 24 3.2.6 Sampling method and sample size 24 3.3 Ethical issues of research 24 3.4 Limitations, Validity and Reliability of this research 25 4.0 Introduction 26 4.1 Basic Findings about faculty: 27 4.2
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