Importance of Television Essay

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The Importance of Television The advances of technology have revolutionized technological equipment rapidly in the present era. The computers, mobile phones, laptops, flash drives, 3G conference, 4D movie, robots and other high tech equipment are being upgraded daily. Of all those new technological wonders, television is probably the one that is a preferable thing for human being to own once in their life. In fact, television provides the world with some importance related to the field of business, education, entertainment and information. Perhaps the most important advantage of television is for business for several reasons. First of all, some businesspeople use TV as a way of developing and enlarging their own business because they sometimes advertise their new products via television in order to increasingly sell them out of their stock. As we have already known, television is also one of the sources of information. Therefore, marketer uses television as a part of their promotion. It is really effective to promote the goods or services through this kind of media especially in the developing countries because it can make people who are illiterate to easily understand their products and provide their product throughout the whole country. For example, in Cambodia, it is very hard for marketer to communicate with people in the remote area to know about their product so the only good mean to get through them is to send message of their product through television. As a result, businesspeople can spread their information within the whole countries. What is more, in some developed countries, people can also do their shopping by just sitting on a comfortable sofa in front of the TV and order whatever product they prefer; the goods are delivered directed to their house. In addition to the importance in business, television is also helpful in the arena of

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