Importance of Teams Essay

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The Importance of Teams Health care organization teams serve an important purpose, when positioned properly within the organization, advantage, and consumer satisfaction gained to boost organizational success. Having a team not only allows the work to divide, but it also promotes for various points of view and new ideas. With teams also come difficulties, but with the right leadership, problems can be resolved. My priorities as a manager are to improve the efficiency and satisfaction with both my staff and those we serve. To do so requires a dynamic plan to incorporate competitive systems and a workforce of concentrated efforts to overshadow all others. Teaming provides the opportunity to share experiences, learn to appreciate the contribution of others while gaining a sense of camaraderie. The organization objective is to establish groups of workgroups throughout its structure for seamless networking among employees. Encouragement of individual’s in-group processes is as much a benefit to the employee as for the organization. A successful team member places into forefront, the objective, of a self-serving approach to the task, working diligently to accomplish a shared goal. Proposed Action Being in charge of a call center where the call volume has dramatically increased over the course of a year, will require management skills and teamwork. Standards established will be through process planning; that will review teams and document teams in other industries. Industry lessons will be looked at to be applied to health care creating a problem-solving process. Quarterly generated reviews will be conducted for feedback to reconstruction the business plan. Employees expected to be a functional part of a performing group. The team aspects are important to identify. It is important to understand the rationale behind developing teams, and what factors play a role in
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