Importance of Teams

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Importance of Teams John Wilkerson HCS/325 9/4/2013 Augustus Scarlato Importance of Teams According to Darrington (n.d.), "Employees must often work together as a team when working, often to achieve the goals of the company. Teamwork is extremely important in the workplace” (para. 1). The definition of the word team is an assembly of people who are united to accomplish a common goal. A great team builds rapport, improves motivation, increases problem-solving skills, and improves coordination efficiency amongst the members. Therefore, a team increases overall performance and productivity of the individuals to achieve the common goal. Therefore, as the supervisor of a demanding call center in a health care at Regional Valley hospital. The number of calls has doubled over the past year. There is not a budget to hire extra staff, but there is an surplus $20,000 to spend on the call center to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by setting up an initiative incentive program for teams to exceed management goals (University of Phoenix). Meaning Most managers do not understand or comprehend the concept of a team. In addition, the manager refers to everyone they supervise as a team. It is imperative to understand what establishes a team and what does not. An example, a group of the individuals that work in the same office space does not make a group. That is where managers run into problems creating initiatives of a group of people that does not work as a team. Teams are workers that are committed to a common goal, without the common goal, initiatives will fail. Importance A team is indispensable in the delivery of healthcare. In the medical, nursing, and allied health practitioners, no single specialist can provide a complete diagnosis and treatment to a patient. The outcome of a patient’s treatment solely depends on an effective and
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