Importance of Sports Essay

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Importance Of Sports “Health is wealth’’. Apart from a balanced diet, sports are necessary to maintain our life. Sports are required for maintain our health and fitness. Beside this, sports also inculcate good qualities in us. In today’s time, sports are for enjoyment, excitement, for goodness, for spreading sportsmanship, for competition, for employment, for showing country’s pride and even it is important for nation‘s economy. Naturally, people’s first aim should be healthy and fit and it is a fact that sports keep our body healthy. Sports help keeping our body in proper shape, rust free bone joints, energetic and flexible. Regular sports activity keeps away from diabetes , heart attack, obesity, excess weight gain, punditries etc. Sports are important for physical fitness, that is why it is said , “All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy’’. Sports inculcate valuable qualities in young people. They learn co- operation with another in team , to subordinate their selfish desire to interests of team , practising fair play, discipline and sharing, respect even for opponents. True sportsmanship is playing game in rules and accept defeat in good temper. Captaincy brings leadership qualities, required in life for progress. Enjoyment and excitement are the factors which cannot put apart from neither daily life nor from sports. Sports are entertaining since long. Sports are magic as they catch our attention and give us pleasure. Sports activity makes us happy. Within excitement of sports, players are able to compete in international area. Sports huge importance in school, college, our daily life, in country’s culture and in international level provides an opportunity for employment in society. Thus sports are important for one’s livelihood also. Sports provide opportunity to be employment in coaching, team staff assistance, managers, sports ministry

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