Importance of Sociology

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WANJA G.GIT0NGA X74/3802/2015 Why is it important of studying sociology in society. The study of sociology has enabled and made it possible to study and understand society. Sociology has assumed such great importance that it is considered to be the best approach to understand human beings and the society in general. Through sociology, scientific study of the great social institution e.g family and the relation of the individual are made. Sociology functions through study of home, family, school and education, religion, government, industry and work. The scientific study of human affairs ultimately provides the body of knowledge and principles that enables us to control the conditions of social life and improve them. Sociology has been an instrument in changing and understanding our attitude towards other human beings. It is through the study of sociology that our whole outlook on various aspects of crime has changed. The criminals are now treated as human beings suffering from mental deficiencies and efforts of rehabilitations are being made. Human culture has also been enriched through study of sociology. Social phenomenon is now understood in the light of scientific knowledge and enquiry. Sociology has given training to have rational approach to questions concerning oneself, one’s religion, customs, morals and has taught us to be objective, critical and enables us to have a better understanding of our self and others. Sociology has also helped several states to promote the well-being of tribal people. Tribal also face social-economic problems. The study of sociology has enabled the government to understand various social welfare measures to promote tribal well-being. A careful analysis of social problems like poverty, beggary, unemployment and racial problems is necessary to solve such problems. Sociology provides this analysis.
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