Importance Of Social Entrepreneurship

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In a world defined by rapid change, the search for solutions to wicket problems has become more complex. The social change arena is growing rapidly, driven by an agenda for both economic development and stable democracies. The number of traditional non-profits or community-benefit organizations has significantly increased in the last couple of decades and social enterprise has become a mainstream activity and field of study at many major universities. There has also been a marked shift in the traditional business world—from what was in many cases green-washing, to the rise of genuine socially minded businesses [1]. The relevance of entrepreneurship to economic development has been highlighted by many researchers [ref] and it is well-recognised that education and training opportunities play a key role in cultivating future entrepreneurs. The concept of ‘social entrepreneurship’ has been rapidly emerging since the late 1990’s as an innovative approach for dealing with complex social needs [2]. With its emphasis on problem-solving and social innovation, socially entrepreneurial activities blur the traditional boundaries…show more content…
Today, the Internet and digital technologies are driving forward the third industrial revolution. But while cities around the world adopt smart energy grids and build sensor-driven intelligent transport systems that make urban areas run more smoothly, rural populations are literally left in the dark [5]. The divide in living standards and economic opportunity between cities and rural communities will remain huge, driving more people to the cities, burdening infrastructure and resources already buckling under the high influx of

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