Importance of Sleep Essay

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Advanced Placement European History Syllabus Course Description In addition to reviewing facts, dates, and figures, the goals of this course will be: 1. Develop the ability to analyze historical evidence. 2. Develop an understanding of the major themes in modern European history 3. Develop the ability to express the understanding of major themes in modern European history and analysis of historical evidence in writing in an effective manor. Students in this course are expected to demonstrate knowledge of basic chronology and major trends and events from approximately 1450 to the present. Within that chronology, the themes of cultural-intellectual, political-diplomatic, and socio-economic history form the course basis. Emphasis in this course will be placed on student development of academic and intellectual skills, including: 1. 2. 3. 4. effective note-taking precise and clear expression in writing analysis of primary sources such as documents, maps, pictorial evidence, maps, and graphic evidence the ability to reach conclusions by weighing evidence on the basis of facts. The course is divided into four quarters. Each quarter consists of four units. Each unit will be concluded with a multiple-choice quiz and a thematic essay. I will use items and essay prompts from released AP Exams, the resources provided with your textbook, and original items and prompts. In each quarter students will write one DBQ and one thematic paper. In the fourth quarter students will complete a visual (self –produced or Movie Maker, etc.) project following the Advanced Placement Exam. Text: Kagan, Donald, Steven Osment, and Frank M. Turner. The Western Heritage. 9th ed. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 2007. Historical and primary source readings from various readers including: Kishlansky, Mark A. Sources of the West: Readings in Western Civilization, 6 th ed., Volumes I and II

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