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1. As per you, what is ‘Rule of Law’ and how does it help business? The rule of law is indispensable for the exercise of government in a way that promotes and protects human rights. Proper functioning of the rule of law, it is essential to have a strong legal framework, under a constitution, that upholds human rights and that provides for effective protection, implementation and redress in key areas at the domestic level, that relate to all human rights, be they civil, cultural, economic, political or social rights. The rule of law concerns itself with the substantive and the procedural, as well as with the quality, content and objectives of laws, processes, institutions and practices. The Heads of State and government while adopting World…show more content…
What are the challenges India is facing in ensuring ‘Rule of Law’? Independence of judiciary, democracy, constitutional supremacy and respect of human rights all are important elements of a society based on the principle of Rule of Law. In this context, India’s track record and respect for these principles puts it ahead of many countries in the world. Still, there are some areas which need to be addressed effectively. No Society can progress where gender inequality persists. Numerous studies and the ground reality have shown that promoting equality between women and men helps a state grow faster, accelerate poverty reduction and enhances the dignity and well being of men, women and children. Unfortunately, gender inequalities still prevalent in India and this established by evaluating many indicators that include high maternal mortality rate, disparities in education, basic health services and scanty representation of women in the political process of a state. Gender issues are highly relevant to achieving all of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), be it protecting the environment, achieving sustainable development or enabling universal access to health care. The third MDG is to promote gender equality and empower women addresses gender equality by targeting the elimination of gender disparities in primary and secondary education. It also targets literacy rates, the share of women in non-agricultural jobs, and the proportion of seats women hold in national parliaments.…show more content…
Proliferation of laws was not questioned only at the national level but this has also an issue before the international communities. Each day demands for adoption of international treaties to tackle the challenges posed by the climate change, gross violations of human rights and cyber law field are growing. It is important to delete the irrelevant laws which are no longer required must be struck down from the law books and luckily government is working seriously in this area to identify the obsolete laws. It would be erroneous to presume that common man to comprehend the law and act accordingly, what is important in this context that law should be there to protect common man’s rights and freedom and punish those who violate the right of the individual. The State has an obligation to ensure that laws are implemented effectively and punish the

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