Importance Of Recruitment In An Enterprise Essay

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INTRODUCTION Recruitment is necessitated by the availability of a vacancy. Where it is determined that a vacancy does exist, there are a number of alternatives to undertaking the full recruitment and selection procedure. This can be expensive and time-consuming and where appropriate, it may be better to fill the vacancy through subcontracting, agencies or indeed recruitment. Dessler Gary (2007) defines an interview as a procedure designed to obtain information from a person through oral responses to oral inquiries. However, it must be noted that before an interview is conducted, the particular job to be filled must be well evaluated through a process called Job Specification. Job Specification indicates what kind of person is to be recruited and for what qualities that person should be tested. It provides what human traits and experience are necessary to do the job well. It is a profile of the human skills that are required. It is a profile of the human characteristics needed by the person performing the job. This procedure is thus a statement that usually contains information on such items that are essential requirements in terms of education, experience, training, judgement, initiative, physical effort, physical skills, communication skills and emotional characteristics. Bhaskar Chatterjee (2004) adds that before a formal interview is conducted, an interview known as a screening interview is done. These are used by most enterprises with the objective of reducing the time and expense of selecting people. The preliminary screening interview is basically a forum for exchange of information between the candidate and the firm’s representative. The interviewer’s fundamental task is to ascertain whether the candidate possesses the necessary qualifications for the job and to provide the applicant information both about the job and the company. Further,
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