Importance of Play

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Importance of Play Play is an essential part of a child’s education because while they are playing they are learning. Play enables children to find out about them selves and about the world. It allows them to: • Discover • Create • Concentrate • Learn new skills Play helps towards happiness. A child in play is likely to be a happy child, preventing a child from being bored is very important as boredom can quickly lead to bad temper. Different types of play: • Discovery Play • Physical Play • Creative Play • Imaginative Play • Manipulative Play • Social Play Discovery play This enables a child to find out about things: what they are like such as their size, shape, texture and colour; how they are made: what she can do with them. The child will also learn that they can be broken and will learn to take care of her possessions. Physical Play This takes place when a child is active and moving around such as running, jumping and climbing. Creative Play This is when a child shows her feelings towards others and expresses in her own ideas for example a picture, a house in building blocks and so on. A young child is able to express feelings and ideas better by painting or drawing rather than using words but as the child may get older she will be able to write a poem or tell stories. Imaginative Play This is when a child pretends or imagines she is with someone else or an animal such as a dog or cat. When a child plays in a Wendy house they may imitate the ways of adults. This will help a child to understand the ways of others. Manipulative Play This involves the use of hands. During manipulative play the hands, eyes and brain learn to co-ordinate and work together. Babies become increasingly good with their hands as they play with rattles, soft toys

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