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Importance of Phonetics and Phonology Essay

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  • on June 26, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Importance of Phonetics and Phonology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

All in the history of the world there is always a language which serves the world in communication between different nations. So as English has become the mean of communication in whole world in this 20th century. English is the main language for all the human beings in this globalised world, While English is used as the second language in most of the Asian countries. It is a poor habit that most of the students who are coming front to the society do not have the required habit to use the pronunciation of English language in the approved manner. The parents as well as the teachers should be awaire of the background of why students fail in presenting a good pronunciation. Mainly it is because they are not being taught about phonetics and phonology in their early childhood. Phonology is the study of sound pattern which includes how to pronounce sounds from the words which is included in the grammar of language. In contrast phonetics is the study of how sounds are produced or articulated in the vocal track. There is a brief picture of how sounds are made from human body parts in Figure 1.1.
Figure 1.1
Likewise phonics is used as a special method of teaching English in most of the countries, because it involves teaching particular sounds to the students. An example of this is the vowel sounds and the consonants. It also includes the relationship between the letters and the sound they produce. If students have a better understanding of the sound pattern of English, than the student will be able to have a better pronunciation of English and can read and write better English. Though the teaching and learning of phonics is a difficult process, if the students were taught it earlier it wouldn’t come as a thick problem in afterward carrier. But if it’s been taught in the right approach it will be an easy module for the learners. To do this, the teachers should also have a creative attitude to perform a well lecture of phonics in a class room. The phonetics teachers should...

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