Importance of Patient Care

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Importance of Patient It has become an increasing concern for healthcare providers, lawmakers, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, individuals and the general population in various parts of the world to raising issues about patient safety in many healthcare facilities. One of the biggest debates today about patient safety is medical errors by medical practitioners. According the Agency for Healthcare Research and Policy (AHRQ), it has been found that more deaths are occurring from medical errors than car accidents and breast cancer or AIDS in the world today. (AHRQ, 2000). Some of the medical errors mentioned are a result of practitioner’s failure to understand all medications taken by the patient regardless whether it’s a prescription or over the counter medicine. This failure has caused patient to develop allergies and reactions to drugs. In addition, patient safety is important due to the fact that patients need to know the medications they are prescribed with greater detail from the physician interaction with the patient to make sure the patient understands some of the after effects of medications at the front end rather than the back end. The reduction and eventually the removal of human errors from healthcare providers will give healthcare stakeholders a sense of safety whenever they choose to receive the best care from any provider. It is also important to note the biggest form of infection and disease transfer from one patient to another is caused by failure to practice hand hygiene. Clean hands save lives in many healthcare facilities. All practitioners and caregivers should wash hands before and after entering patient rooms. It is always important to make sure that patients are aware that their caregivers are clean before they touch the patient and this applies to all family members that visit the patient (AHRQ, 2000). Patient safety is

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