Importance Of Obesity In Australia

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Discuss why obesity is a National Health Priority in Australia. With the development of society, obesity problem become more and more irresistible. Australia should pay attention to this problem and make it national health priority like diabetes, cancer, mental health and heart disease. On one hand, obesity becomes a universal phenomenon in Australia. The Government of NSW (2012) stated that in 2011, about 52.6% of adults have overweight or obesity in Australia. Males have higher incidence (59.8%) of obesity or overweight than females (45.5%). The number of obese people is more than doubled in the past 25 years. In addition, Washington (2006) shows that at present, 8000 people were killed by obesity every year. If obesity epidemic cannot be…show more content…
First, community nurse can work as educator and give clients appropriate guidance. Ribbitt and Coyne highlight that community nurses can assist parents and children in providing nutritional advice, through weight management programmes offer strategies for reducing caloric intake and increasing physical activity. Secondly, community nurses also work as researcher. They do research for information collection and provide the last data of obese children, such as diet, habit of exercise. Assist expert or other employers explore more effective prevention and treatment of obesity in childhood. Third, collaborator can be one of the role of nurse in promote targeting children obesity. Ribbitt also holds that nurses should work with a number of the multidisciplinary team in addressing childhood obesity as it is a major health issue with long-time morbidities. Cemden and Gallagher (2009) also state that dietician may be needed to give guidance and help client to meet their nutrition goal. The community nurse also work as clinician. Camden and Gallagher (2009) shows that due to physical size, a lot of basic nursing interventions are more complex for those patients. For example, obese children are more likely to get pressure ulcers and cause skin breakdown, because of pressure within skin fold. Related complications such as difficulty in breathing, immobility, intravenous access and medicine absorption. In shorts, community nurses have multiple roles in health promoting in children obesity, thus, community nurses should meet the diversity of the role with various

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