Importance of Nutritional Health Essay

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Importance of nutritional Health P1 Explain concept associated with nutritional health This leaflet is a guide of nutritional health and how it links with our health and lifestyle. What is nutrition? Throughout all the life stages, we are expected to keep up our nutritious intakes in order to keep ourselves healthy and free from illness. Nutrition is obtained by different types of food and is the golden key to maintain good health physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. There are different groups that have been categorised according to their diets and nutrient intakes that may be slightly different to other groups. These groups include young children, young people, adults, older people, pregnant woman and breastfeeding women. Individually we all have our own based diet that suits us and our health made up of all nutrients. In addition nutrition is made up of seven key components including... Carbohydrates- These are measured in calories and are the main nutritious intake for all groups. They provide energy for movement and body functionality but excessive amounts can be stored as fat. Athletes would tend to consume more as they would need a lot of energy. Sugar- Provides a burst of energy to your body’s metabolism but too much can lead to tooth decay and an unbalanced diet. Protein- The main role of protein is to stimulate growth and help with repairing cells, particularly important when exercising as energy will be used from muscle and the muscle can rip so would need to be repaired. If this is not consumed then it can be stored as fat and used as a secondary source of energy. Babies that drinks too much cow’s milk which contains a lot of protein for them can make the baby become extremely heavy and less motivated to move and play around. Water-This helps with the homeostasis of temperature and fluid balance in the body. Also
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