Importance Of Newspapers Essay

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Newspapers have become an essential part of modern life. The modern man starts his day by reading over the news with a cup of tea. Equally unimaginable is a morning without the daily newspaper for some people. It is because newspapers are seen everywhere in the world. They are printed and published in each and every language known to man all over the world. Newspapers are called ‘the mirrors of the world’. They reflect and report the trends and happening from all parts of the world. Usually, they cover every aspects of life- national, international, local, social, political, cultural etc. They design in a complete picture of our day-to-day life. This is why from the all powerful presidents, prime ministers and CEOs to the unemployed youth and job seekers, all begin their day by reading the dailies. Newspapers are the guardians of democracy. They keep the general peoples well-informed to the world about the goings on. Well-informed public is essential for the success of a democracy. People have to be made aware of all the important happenings. Newspapers perform the duty of making people aware of everything. They form the public opinion and turn the people for or against the moves of the rulers. This is why even the most fears one dictator is afraid of the press. They picture every aspect including jokes, matrimonial, huddles, scientific facts, and cinemas etc. Besides, newspapers also add to the knowledge of the readers by informing them about the new discoveries, inventions and products. The magazine selections of newspapers provide a colorful bouquet of information and entertainment. The advertisement published in the newspapers also serves a great purpose. Matrimonial advertisements help people to find suitable life partners. Newspapers also help people to buy and sell property. Newspapers help the job seekers to find suitable jobs through the ‘wanted’

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