Importance of Media

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The importance in understanding the media is an issue of great length. The first task at hand is to define what media means. An exact definition is difficult, however O’Shaughnessy and Stadler (2005) have recognized key characteristics of the media. The media are human communication systems, the media use processes of industrialized technology for producing messages, generally aims to reach large audiences or be used by many people, usually aims to allow communication across distance (and/or time) between people or to allow communication in which the sender does not need to be preset as the communication is both recorded and then transmitted, they are the mechanism that connect the sender and the receiver of messages. The above listed characteristics therefore help identify what could be classified as media; cinema, television, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, radio, interactive multimedia, video games, computers, mobile phones, pagers, texters and the Internet are some of the viable media options made available to us these days. Widely utilized as a source of information, the media plays an extremely important role in our society. Unable to constantly access this information first hand, we rely on the media to serve as an informational source that is to be trusted. When the mass circulation newspaper was introduced in the nineteenth century, people “now had a window on the world” (Salter, 2007). The flow of information that travels from a media outlet to an individual acts as an informant for the individual, which in turn inevitably cultivates an individual’s personality and view. Salter (2007:14) states aptly “Our lives are largely lived within limits set by the newspaper, radio, television and Internet content we consume. They shape not just our version of the world beyond the end of the street, but the tone, language and even the
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