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Importance of Information Technology in Business Erik Miley Erik Miley is a graduate of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design where he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art. He maintains a studio at his home in Falmouth, Pa. He has had several poems, articles and art reviews appear in various local publications, including his college newspaper 'The Easel', eHow, and the Tulane Review. By Erik Miley, eHow Contributor Importance of Information Technology in Business Information technology is any field that involves computer technology. This includes hardware maintenance, software development, networking solutions and technical support. Modern businesses all over the world rely on computers to function and maintain high standards of efficiency and customer service. Without IT professionals, companies would not have qualified professionals to help maintain the technological elements inherent to their daily business needs. Other People Are Reading * Uses of Information Technology in Business * Information Technician Job Description 1. Speed * One of the main reasons so many business have turned to the IT world for their professional needs is the sheer speed at which computers and related technologies can process information. Email is a perfect example, as it eliminates the need to wait several days for a packet of documents to reach a client or business associate. Worldwide communications used to occur primarily through postal delivery. While still the optimal method for sending packages, printable materials such as legal documents or contracts may now move much more swiftly via the Internet. Businesses can receive news and updates which may provide vital insight into current market trends or changes in a clients needs almost instantaneously. Businesses are therefore able to provide immediate assistance to clients and thus improve their

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