Importance of Islam

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Running head: THE IMPORTANCE OF RELIGION ON CULTURAL DIVERSITY THE IMPORTANCE OF RELIGION ON CULTURAL DIVERSITY SOCS 350: Cultural Diversity in the Professions CHINYERE DIKE CHAMBERLAIN COLLEGE OF NURSING Introduction For the most part, nearly all human beliefs and values are shaped by culture. Culture has a major influence on religion. Religion is described by many as a way of life. Religion is a belief system that is held by members of a group who share and believe in the doctrines of that religion. Because many people take their religion very seriously, their lives and cultures are significantly affected by their religion. Three of the world's major religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. They all emanated from the Middle East and are all entangled with one another. According to , Christianity originated from within the Jewish tradition, and Islam evolved from both Christianity and Judaism. Although differences exist among these religions, Fisher (2012) explains that there has been a significant cultural exchange between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are the tree major religions in the world and one thing that they have in common is their monotheistic tradition. This tradition entails that people believe in the existence of only one Almighty God, worship Him only, and seek guidance and divine intervention from Him alone. The idea of idol worshipping is condemned. Islam Islam is an Arabic word that means peace and submission. A person who submits and abides by the laws of Islam is known as a Muslim. Islam is the name God (Allah) called the religion He revealed to Prophet Muhammad through the Quran. The teachings of Islam are primarily based on the Quran and on the belief that Mohammed was the last prophet of God. The Quran is Islam’s Holy book and it is comprised purely of God’s revelation
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