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Importance of Interviews in Placement Process Essay

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  • on July 6, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Importance of Interviews in Placement Process" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

                  INTERVIEWS IN 1994 AND 1995

Name: Biswajit Sain

for(int i = 1; i  
> Hello everybody,
> Here is a detailed list of those software firms which are destined
> to be our destiny.

===> Well, first of all, you, Srichie, at least, don't seem to have
learnt anything from my earlier mail.   Learn from this one, therefore.
Learn that these companies are *not* _DESTINED to be your DESTINY_
... you have the choice to make as to which one *you* want.   Learn to
remember, always, and never forget, that the companies are coming to
*take* you; *you* aren't dying to join them.   Learn that, it is *you*
and not the companies who are in the commanding position.   Learn that
you aren't in the proverbial beggar's position: you *can* choose.
Learn that you *should, must, have to, ought to* choose.

> The list is ordered alphabetically. My request is --> Please
> furnish as much info as possible about the companies marked with an
> '(*)'. Hope that you get back at me AFAP. Also furnish info about all the
> other firms, i.e. whether they deal in Appli s/w or sys s/w, and any other
> info about interviews, which will help us anchor a job. PLEASE!!!!!

===> The *PLEASE!!!!!* stinks thoroughly of insecurity.   Please
abolish that thought from your mind forthwith!

And finally, before I go on, be warned that this is a
mail, and be prepared to spend some time with boring details of

All the best to all of you in all your endeavours,
The guy with the magic (illuminating) lamp:
Ravindra [*Alli* Baba!]


> 01. BEL, Ba. ===> Can't say anything about it, though it's about 20
min. walk from my house.   I suppose they mostly deal with VLSI CAD and
stuff like that, which deals directly with Electronics.

> 02. CMC, Hy. ===>...

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