Importance of Internet Essay

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IMPORTANCE OF INTERNET Internet is the collection of large amount of data all over the world with millions of information such as, numbers, text, sound, and image etc.Internet has provided a significant role in business hospitality which made their wok so easy and simple elegant. The internet provides the possibility of expansion, rapid data transfer and flexibility. The internet allows research in the market field. ADVANTAGE OF INTRENET USAGE IN CONDUCTING BUISNESS IN TRAVEL AGENCIES In contemporary travel agencies and tour operator business, the internet has provided a large amount of profitable tourism and profitable promotion sales. The internet also helps the people to find their clients which will be more useful for the business peoples. Promotion visualization of tourism service and products such as catalogs broachers and other multimedia products leaves a greater impression on customers. Over booking has also helps the customer to avoid the telecommunication. The internet provides selling service of travel agencies on demand. IMPORTANCE OF INTERNET IN EDUCATION The Internet has introduced improvements in technology, communication and online entertainment, but it is also incredibly useful for education purposes as well. Tutors use the Internet to summaries their lessons. Most of the university’s has opened online classes for the peoples as well as the teachers which will be more use full. The Internet contains a wealth of knowledge that is available instantly upon any search. Because of this, the Internet has superseded libraries as a source for information gathering and research. Many teachers will now ask students to visit specific websites to study from home, and online encyclopedias provide masses of knowledge on almost every topic imaginable. The variety of sources allows students to pursue subjects in much greater detail rather than being
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