The Importance Of Human Intelligence

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“I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.” (Socrates) Human intelligence could be defined in many ways. Human imagination, understanding, reasoning, learning, communicating skills, and problem solving could all demonstrate how smart or intelligent people really are. Society greatly values a person’s intelligence, and scientists have gone to great lengths trying to measure it. Therefore, intelligence is the greatest quality a person could possess. First, intelligence allows for faster and easier learning. Intelligent students or people are less likely to need extra help. Difficult subjects and tasks become effortless and simple for them. Brighter students are more likely to be put in extracurricular or gifted classes. These classes allow gifted students to learn more and reach their full potential. Studies show that 98% of students in gifted classes scored higher on their ACTs. People with higher intelligence are capable of learning faster than others. John Rocky, a famous psychiatrist from Orlando says, “The ability to learn is the key to someone’s brain. How fast people learn should be the real test of intelligence.”…show more content…
Because smart students are able to learn material faster and easier, they are able to earn good test scores. These students find that as long as they keep up with all of their work, grades come naturally to them. They spend less time studying compared to their peers. Intelligent students are also more likely to test well on special tests that could affect their future. Lora Spikes, a professor at Harvard University, states, “I don’t believe that grades are a fair way to measure someone’s intelligence. But if someone is truly intelligent, they can realize that getting good grades is the smart thing to do.” Even though intelligence cannot be measured through someone’s schoolwork, good grades are a great asset to being
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