Importance Of Illegal Immigration To The United States

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Why Should We Cater to You? Journalist and psychiatrist David Abrahansen said, “the American dream is, in part, responsible for a great deal of crime and violence because people feel the country owes them not only a living but a good living”. This is a good summary of how illegal immigration has taken a toll, in various categories, on the United States. Becoming an American citizen and working for this country is a hope that some people can only dream about. Although, there are tons of immigrants that come to the United States and take those job opportunities away from true, native-born citizens. It is unfair that US citizens have to compete with illegal immigrants for such low‐paying, low-skilled jobs. Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to take job opportunities away from citizens because they are taking advantage of our countries’ benefits and creating a barrier between costumers and workers. Too many non-American people often live out the American dream. With more than 420,000 illegal immigrants pouring…show more content…
Nothing is more frustrating than when a person is going to a store to buy something and when that person reaches the register, there is a difficulty communicating with the cashier or worker. Many illegal immigrants can speak very little English and many times need assistance when speaking with American people. It is an inconvenience for all true American citizens to have to try to compensate for someone who is working illegally and cannot give any help while working. This language barrier between illegal aliens and consumers is one that isn’t necessary and could be easily avoided if illegals were not allowed in the country’s job market in the first place. It is unfair that perfectly willing and capable American citizens have to compete for jobs with illegal immigrants that are taking up space and worsening the labor market by their lack of

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