Importance Of Fathers Essay

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One of the saddest problems we face in today's society is the violence our youth are exposed to and committing, many people have asked and wondered, why has the violence among our young people increased. Well the scary part of this epidemic is the fact that these are the youth which are suppose to be are out future educators, lawyers, entrepreneurs, policemen and leaders of our community. Some factors which are not helping with this crisis is : The influence of music and entertainment- It doesn't take a genius to figure out that teens want to mimic their favorite artist unfortunately, much of what they see are bad examples especially when it comes to degrading women. Peer pressure- One of the strongest factors especially if a young person does not have a person he or she can look up to and guide them in the right direction. My motto I constantly preach to my teen age son is, "be your own man" don't get pressured into getting into trouble just to part of the crowd. · Video games- This one is difficult as today's parent were once addictive to video games like pac-man, asteroids and Donkey Kong the difference is that today's video games are much more graphic and violent, if not controlled and monitored, it will take over your son or daughter lives and could influence them in a negative way. · Drugs & Alcohol- Unfortunately a part of American culture, today's teens face the same dangers if not more, than we as parent's faced when we were growing up. Experimenting with social drugs is how it starts and can very easily lead to more hard core drugs and to a path of destruction and violence. The factor which has contributed the most to this social tragedy is the breakdown of the family structure in today's society especially in the Hispanic and Black communities. I am aware of many troubled young people who do come from a house hold of two parents, but the number

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