Military Accountability

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Many Soldiers and leaders believe they have no responsibility or culpability for Army property unless they have accepted it on a hand receipt, but property accountability is the core of military equipment stewardship. The Army standard for maintaining and tracking supplies is for Soldiers to treat the property as if it was their own. The Army Command Supply Discipline Program, implemented by Army Regulation 710-2, “Supply Policy Below the National Level,” is the embodiment of that standard. The CSDP provides Soldiers and leaders alike a common set of rules for safeguarding scarce resources. Every Soldier has some level of responsibility for property in his unit. There are five types of responsibility when it comes to accountability. They…show more content…
Threat can range from enemy forces to terrorists to civilian criminals or saboteurs. How to Practice Physical Security? Limit Access to individuals who don't need access, Secure Equipment in one location so that it can be found by another soldier. Have guards, Locks, if Need be Physical Barriers, Fences, and Buildings. Accountability doesn't apply just for equipment. Accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for ones actions. Now for the Army, it becomes an obligation more than“willingness” while you have to be willing to do it as well. Those that are unable to be accountable are the ones that jeopardize the combat readiness of any unit. Basically it is the understanding that from the bottom up. Top down and laterally everyone is going to do and is willing to do the right thing even when no one else is…show more content…
When I used to teach this class I would use this analogy: In Germany in order to obtain an operators permit or drivers license everyone must go through six months of driver education as well as pay what is I believe today is around three thousand dollars to include any vehicle on the road must pass a state inspection which is far from a cursory look at the fenders. Now with that they take driving and safety very seriously given the open ended speeds on many of the autobahns but the bottom line is they go through such lengths to ensure only safe vehicles and safe operators are on the road making the Government accountable to the citizens to ensure that happens. On top of that anyone that operates a vehicle in Germany does so with the understanding that everyone on the road is accountable for their actions. Sure you still drive defensively but much of the “risk” is taken out of the equation as every operator goes with the expectation that the other guy or gal is going to act responsibly as well, not just

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