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"The English language in all an advanced and flexible one and its teaching should not be discarded altogether. Indian cannot afford to ignore this language". -Dr. Rajendl'a Prasad India inherited' English' from the British who ruled our country for more than two centuries. After independence, there have been a great deal of argumentation in aspect to the position of English in free India. The Orthodox view advocated the complete stoppage of use of English in any forum. According to experts the English language is an embodiment of western culture and thus the learning or studying English can endanger our own culture and values . “In my considered opinion English education in the manner it has given to us has emasculated the English educated Indian, constrained our intellect and endured us effeminate" - Mahatma Gandhi It is a bitter fact, that' English' has created a wide gulf between the few English educated and many uneducated. The English learned scholars of India, contributed a lot to English literature, but these were not given any credit in the history of English Literature. The works of Rabindra Nath Tagore, Jawaharlal Lal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Radha Krishnan were beyond doubt a real contributor for the literature of English language, commanded much praise and admiration throughout the world, but not in the history of English literature. The moderates felt the necessity of making study of English optional during at that time and according to many others, under the existing circumstances a sound knowledge of English is necessary at least for acquiring higher education. They advocate the importance of learning of English for the advancement and growth of technical education in the country. They argued in favor of making the English subject compulsory in school and universities. The crux of the problem lies between the two theories, one says

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