Importance of Employee Fit Essay

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Sullivan University CMM561X: Organizational Systems Analysis and Design January 18, 2017 Importance of Fit: Donna Sullivan Assignment 3.1 Importance of Fit In the 21st century, the capacity to lead teams has become a critical ability for the leaders and the managers. However, as it happens with teams, one sometimes does come across malfunction members who can be classified as being an obstructionist. An obstructionist is a team member who shirks work or responsibility, not out of inability or incapacity, but owing to a natural and personal inclination to do so (Holpp, 1998). An obstructionist or a toxic group member is usually an individual who methodically and systematically impedes and blocks the progress of a project (Holpp, 1098). Hence, team leadership essentially involves the talent and the ability to deal with all forms of members in a team, be it the obstructionist. As per the existing knowledge and theories of team management, the best way to deal with an obstructionist is to follow a mixed approach, which aims at confronting the inherent propensities of such people, to bring them out into the open, while accompanied by soft tactics like acknowledging one’s best qualities and by motivating one to contribute to team effort (Holpp, 1998). Such a hot and cold approach towards the personality types under consideration is bound to yield the desired results, because of its moderation and versatility (Holpp, 1998). I believe Chip Mazey is not a good fit for the company, yes all bankers care about is making money but no one want to be subject to their managers being rude and disrespectful. I believe he is an obstructionist because his attitude, behavior and disrespectful nature is blocking his employees from doing a good job. An obstructionist shirks responsibility or work does not mean that one is devoid of talent,

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