Importance of Employability and Personal Skills

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Importance of employability and personal skills Within this report I will be assessing the importance of employability and personal skills in a selected organisation looking at recruitment and retention of staff. It is almost essential that when an organisation is recruiting staff they check their employability and personal skills of the candidate. Within the recruitment stage, the employability and personal skills will help the employer’s shortlist and make the process much simpler and faster. This process needs be fair and equal for everyone and in any condition racism will not be acceptable. A lot, or if not most organisations will have a stage where they check the candidate’s employability and personal skills to see whether or not they are suitable for the job. To do this they will be matched against the job description and person’s specification. In addition to this they can check and confirm all the skills that they have mentioned on there are true. This can also depend on the organisation, whether an organisation wants to test the candidate on certain aspects of how much they know about the organisation and how interested and dedicated they are. Candidates might be examined when the candidate comes for their interview. For example, they may be asked questions about the organisation or they could ask questions based on the things they have written in their CV and application form. An example of this would be if the candidate has mentioned that they can speak three different languages they might get asked to prove this. This is an excellent way to see whether the candidate is telling the truth or not. If the candidate gets caught laying then this can badly affect their chances in a negative way. Also, if the candidate has said that he/she is involved with outdoor activities or sports, then they might get asked to show certificates or records etc. It is

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