Importance Of Education In Fahrenheit 451

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In Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, the author implicates the importance of education. He uses symbolism to show the reader how shallow technology is, and what the effects of governmental power can do to a society with no ideas to contradict it. Education, and the wisdom gained from it, is the base of the very society we live in today. Since the beginning of time we have slowly advanced our ideas and evolved to our present world now through innovation. This novel tells a story of a time where books will be burned and be replaced by television. When I see this I don’t just think of the burning of paper, I imagine the burning of our intelligence, our roots, which keep us bound for further growth. Latimer told it best in Oxford, England in…show more content…
In Marshall McLuhan’s book The Medium is the Message, he says, “The form of a medium imbeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived, creating a subtle change over time.” In other words, when media broadcasts a message it creates a certain way in which it can be percieved. The medium being that, we cannot take a moment of it and study its entirety the way we could with a literary piece. We follow the pace the show sets, therefore eventually making us believe that we should understand it the way that they do, which slowly changes the way that we decide the choices we make in that situation. McLuhans belief strongly relates to this story on that simple basis alone. Television was the alternative to knowledge that the author used in Fahrenheit 451, but why? It was the form of media which can arguably be considered the most popular way that the government controls what we see, and the things that they want us to think. Now, with that theory there are two sides: The government, and the people who believe what they are doing is incorrect. McLuhan and Montag are similar in that neither of them agree with the government. They agree that our society is best run with the freedom to disagree and record the findings for another individual to build upon. Technology is that medium in which McLuhan was referring to. It takes away our openmindedness and leads us into a tunnel-vision

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