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Fernando Soto English 101-014 Women and Men 22 Oct. 2012 Importance of Education Education is very important for many different reasons. To get a good career one has to be very well educated. Education is also what makes the world work. Education is also important to not repeat humanities bad history, and in order to not repeat history we have to be very well educated on humanities bad history. Education is important to get a good career, because in order for one to do their job well one must be very well educated in that certain field of jobs. One’s education also helps one know how to represent one’s selves in job interviews and around the work place. One’s education is also very important if one wants to be successful in life, and not have to work in a minimum wage paying job for the reset of one’s life. If one gets a good education everything in life will be easier. One will work less hard physically but will get more money. Education is also important, because that how the world works now. If one doesn’t have a good education it is really hard for one to get a good paying job. In the world we live in today one needs to get a good education in order to be successful in most careers. Education can also help one to get over any obstacles that the world might throw at one. Education also helps us by letting us know all of humanities mistakes in history and not letting those mistakes repeat themselves in the future. By being very well educated in the humans’ society we can learn how to not let all the horrible thing that happened in history, repeat themselves again in the future. Humans’ education on history is important so we can learn from humanities mistakes in the past and keep improving in the future. One’s education is important let one succeed in life. Education can also help one make one’s life easier, and not have to work so hard for very

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