Importance of Education

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Education can have multiple definitions, but the fact remains that, to all, it equals knowledge, which is the act of learning. There are many opinions on the true definition for education, and one may never be the only right answer. However, the most common truth is that education is a necessary key to survive. By receiving an education, people obtain the knowledge, skills and training that are necessary to succeed in life. These chievements will be the tools that will later help an individual acquire the desired success. The purpose of an education can also have multiple definitions because people can choose to become educated for many different reasons; common knowledge, self improvement, training, to pursue their dreams or even to educate others. Whichever the reason, the main purpose of an education is simply to reach desired goals that will help people better their self in multiple ways. Knowledge is indispensable, for without it; a person will never reach his or her full potential. In today’s society, it is imperative to acquire the education needed to accomplish our goals. A person must realize that without an education, many opportunities may not arise. In today’s society, graduating from high school is barely enough to sustain a person, let alone a family. A person must know that graduating from high school is the first step in working toward a career, for without a high school diploma or GED, one cannot start college. I, personally, like the quote from the movie “Trippin,” which states “A High School Diploma just gets you into the game. When school ends, that’s when life begins.” College, or any post-secondary education, can serve as a platform to help one determine how to manage this new life. College offers students the benefit of not only
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