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I found my three dreams to be centered on my feelings towards a very particular loss, it's as if I yearn to be back in Mexico because they've all taken place there. Yes, I am here now, but in my heart I wish I had never gotten away from what felt like home. And my dreams assert that fact, which yet, lies within me; I have held Mexico dearly in my thoughts. And now that I understand my dreams are clues to understanding myself, I realize that by accepting the part of me that doesn't want to be here, instead of denying it, will set me free. At first, I wasn't so sure those frivolous-seeming things I saw, or that happened in my dreams, truly served a purpose. But as I read in my course required book, I Never Knew I Had a Choice, I learned of the importance of dreams because they can reveal significant clues to events that have meaning to us. Based on that reading and the analyzing of my dreams, I proved the author's point through, of how dreams serve to depict the unconscious. And since I have been willing to reflect upon my dreams when waking up, I've learned that by listening to my dreams I can accomplish a better understanding of myself, and as a result , I feel more harmonious. Therefore I believe dreams help to reveal our identity, and they needn’t be submerged. As mentioned earlier, my three dream’s settings are in the same place. They all took place in Mexico, and this to me, undoubtedly means that my desire of being back in Mexico continues to persevere. Dream number one’s themes are about youth and immortality. In some way, it can be said that either term can carry out a single concept, but this was a bit trivial to me. Therefore I went on and did some research abroad and within me, and I found the main message of my dream to be that success is within my grasp. The second dream’s theme was of acceptance of one’s self, which I learned, could only be attained

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