Importance Of Court Literacy

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The first time I stepped on a basketball court, I was seven years old. I have been playing ever since. I played on town and travel teams throughout elementary school and middle school. During high school, I played for my high school and for countless club teams. It is safe to say basketball has been a huge part of my childhood. The more and more I play basketball, the easier I am able to read and understand the court. In order to be a successful basketball player, a person must have some sense of court literacy. What that means is that a player must be able to pick up on certain signals, gestures and moves so that they can act upon them in the correct way. Defensive court literacy and offensive court literacy are very different. As a defender, a player must be able to not only read the person that they are covering, but also the ball handler and everyone else in that…show more content…
If a player has no idea how to read their offense, there is almost no chance that they will become a successful scorer or assist anyone. If they have no idea how to read the court as a defense, the opposing team will constantly be able to score against them. Court literacy takes a while to learn and no one can really teach someone how to read the court until they experience it themselves. Over the years, I have learned a lot from my coaches explaining to me how to read the court and actually learning it and experiencing it myself. By the time I reached high school, reading the court was second nature. I do not even think about reading the court, I just do it naturally. All players who are serious about basketball whether it is the NBA, college or high school players know how to read the court. Team practices are essential when it comes to court literacy because the more and more the team plays together, the easier they will be able to read and understand each other on the
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