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Importance Of Content Essay

  • Submitted by: hpc27
  • on November 30, 2011
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Importance of Content
The most important thing for a teacher to do is be available to answer questions; but sometimes students don’t participate during class or think of questions after class.   To address this issue, I’d made a “Questions” box.   The students fill out a little form and write down their question on it. I also provide my school email address to students so they can email a question if they would prefer. I encourage students to ask questions and let them know there are no “stupid” questions.   Lastly, I do my best to answer the question as quickly as possible.   By making the students questions a priority that will show the students that they matter and that the content matters. I will make it clear that these options are available as long as the students do not abuse the privilege.   Respect and self-responsibility are important in the classroom.
First impressions do mean a lot, so that is why I want my classroom to be as interesting as possible.   The room seems warmer and more inviting by having various science posters (with multiple races and genders) throughout the room, as well as other decorations (past science projects, interests, newspaper clippings).   In high school I had a teacher who had pets in her classroom (boa constrictor, tarantula, and fish).   Another teacher had preserved fetuses in her room (deer, pig, and bird), as are in my current classroom.   Those are interesting to students, making the classroom fun and inviting.   The classroom should be welcoming and interesting.
After learning the interests of the students, decorating can be brought in from there.   Newspaper clippings of athletic events, both from the school and professional sports, have a place in the room.   Acknowledging students’ good work in sports, science fair, clubs, etc. also demonstrates to the students that the teacher is concerned about them.   Attending events has also worked well as way to demonstrate concern for the students.
I believe all of these strategies...

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