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Importance of Computers in Today's World Essay

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The Importance of Computer In Today's World
In today's world, the importance of computers in today's world cannot be emphasized enough. Within only a few decades, computers have greatly impacted many of the ways that people have come to interact with each other and the way that people function within their daily lives. H.L. Capron stated, "The dawn of a new age - The Information Age - glows before us with the promise of new ways of thinking, living, and working." (Capron, 2000). From the constant demands of the business world to the essential daily routines of common daily activities, the need of society seems to be growing exponentially. "Can we keep up? We can, but not without understanding how computers work and the ability to control them for our own purposes" (Capron, 2000). Many IT Specialists (Information Technology Specialist) agree that, "Many things that people had to do with pen and paper can now be done with computers (Unknown, 2003-2010). With the topic of computers being such a large and widely discussed topic, many key subtopics are often overlooked or understated. Of the basic subtopics about computers such as history, types and characteristic, uses in society, and how the creation of the internet has facilitated the increasing "appetite for information" (Quinn, 2008). Computers have changed the world and are here to stay (Unknown, 2003-2010).
The History of Computers
Computers have been around for more than a half of a century, but it was only after hundreds of years of insight and an insurmountable amount of intellectual effort that these extraordinary machines known as computers were able to come into existence (Quinn, 2008). George Beekman stated that, "computers grew out of a human need to quantify" or to calculate (Quinn, 2008).   Centuries before the birth of the Information Age, people seem to be quite content with early forms of counting by use of fingers, rocks, and the use of random everyday objects, but as societies appetite for...

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